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Report Energy Theft

Eversource works hard to minimize the cost associated with energy theft, understanding that all of our customers must share the burden of these costs.

Energy theft is:

  • Costly - Stopping energy theft is important for all of us because, eventually, stolen electricity costs all consumers money. It's something we take seriously.
  • Illegal - Stealing electricity is against the law – just like any other type of theft.
  • Dangerous – Tampering with electric meters or other electric utility facilities can result in serious injuries, electrocution, fire, explosions and death.

That’s why we ask for your help.

If you suspect somebody is stealing energy, tampering with their meter or has illegally installed jumpers, please call us at 781-441-8537, email RevenueProtection@eversource.com or complete the online energy theft report. Your report will be kept confidential.