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Ways to Pay

Pay your bill online, on the phone or in person. The choice is yours.

Pay Online

You'll need an Eversource.com user ID and password to log in and pay your bill.

Auto Pay

Never miss a payment again. Set up auto payments to have your bill paid directly from your bank account.

One-time Payment

Make a payment from your bank account or credit card. (Fees may apply to credit card payments.)

Pay by Text

Check your balances and pay your bill with a quick text message.

Pay Offline


Pay in Person

Pay your bill at participating locations across our service territory.

Pay by Phone

Call 888-783-6618 (in New Hampshire call 888-729-7764) to make a payment using your bank account. This automated phone line is open 24/7.

Check or Money Order

Send your payment via U.S. mail to:

P.O. Box 56007
Boston, MA 02205-6007

P.O. Box 56004
Boston MA 02205-6004